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JAVA - Over 1000 questions answered, explainations, diagrams - Catagorized

Abstract Methods, Classes, DRY
Abstract vs Interface, Comparison Chart
Best Practices, Multithreading, Automate, Coding, Review, Design, I/O, Factoring, Architecture, 7 pgs
Java Cheat-Sheet, 18pgs
Collections Cheat Sheet, Comparison Chart, Interfaces, Descriptions, 10 pgs
Collection Framework Set Queue List Map 64 questions
Constructors, Default, Parameterized, Overloading, Copy, 33 questions
Constructor vs GetInstance Difference
Databases, RelationalDB, SQL, NonRelationalDB, NoSQL
Overview of the four main programming paradigms
DZone Design Pattern Card 2 pgs
Design Pattern Card 2 pgs
Design Pattern, Singleton, Factory, Threadsafe, Double Locking
JSON vs XML brief
JSON encode decode code example using google json-simple
Enterprise Java Beans
Exceptions, Checked, Unchecked, Errors, Throw, Throws, examples, 20 pgs
Generics, Bounded, Parameterized, Concrete Instantiations, Raw Types, Wildcards, 25 pgs
HashSet, HashMap, HashTable, ConcurrentHashMap, TreeSet, Keys, Overriding, Comparison chart 48 questions
Interface, Implement, Extend, Default Method, Multiple Inheritance
Java-APIs, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JSF, Tiers-Containers, 41 pgs
How to correct path problems when you run Java
GetInstance vs Static
JDBC Hibernate
JSPJavaServerPages 25 pgs
Multithread, Concurrency, Serializable, Synchronized, Mutex, Semaphore, fail-fast Iterator
OOPs briefly Polymorphism Inheritance Encapsulation Abstraction
Over 500 misc Java Questions and Answers 116 pgs
Java Regular Expression List
How to execute shell command in Java
Spring 21 pgs
Stack vs Heap, Garbage Collection

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Following are examples of Work Experience Projects

Created ython Django Architecture Diagram from a work related project

Created Microsoft Active Directory Diagram during MCSE certification

Created HTTP Web Container J2EE JSP ServletSQL diagram

Created JSF Web Application Server with AJAX messages diagram

Created Typical firewall and gateway network diagram

Following pdf files are examples from Recent Personal Projects, Tutorials

Created Project Simple Spring MVC BeanMapping Netbeans8 ApacheTomcat

Created Project Spring MVC RESTful PersistenceDB Netbeans8 ApacheTomcat

Created Project RESTful Web Services JAXRS DB TestResourceBeans Javascript NetBeans8

Created Project RESTful Web-Service Test RESTful Web Services

Created Project Simple WebService Application NetBeans8

Created Project MeanStack MongoDB Express.js Angular4 Node.js Project

Created Project Web Application using Hibernate Framework ORM Java7 JSF2 Glassfish server in Netbeans8